Taking a Breather

April 27th, 2021 (Day 2, Attempt 3)

Sometimes you just really need a break. You keep telling yourself, and telling yourself, that oh woah, do you need to take a break.

There’s that noodle in your brain that it’s been forever since you really just relaxed, changed up your routine, and took stock at your life to really enjoy what you had.

You need to unplug. Just to allow yourself to just reassess what you are going for, to really reestablish your motivation, and to really remember what you miss.

Or am I just crazy, expecting that much from just taking some time off. Nothing cataclysmic is going to happen. When time is taken off, the world doesn’t stop, and the obligations of the day keep churning.

But that’s probably exactly why I haven’t taken a real vacation. I don’t know how to really stop and unplug. To really make sure that I’m really living life.

Checklist after checklist. Goal after goal. I work and work, and wonder if I’m really getting anywhere.

Maybe I just need to remind myself. I’m never going to be good at something if I don’t take the time to do it.

So maybe I should go take a breather, to become good at taking a breather.

Haha, I’m probably taking this the wrong way.

With Love,




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Jeffery Do

Jeffery Do


I blog about life, and becoming a little bit better every single day