How to Actually Change Your Habits

In a world where there are constant distractions, the only way to get things done is to find a way to make things stick. It’s one thing to think about wanting to do something. It’s an entirely different matter to actually go and DO IT.

My goal is to be prolific.

But nothing has seemed to work. I’ve used don’t break the chain techniques, one month daily challenges, as well as trying to schedule in the time.

All of these worked to various degrees, but eventually the distractions of the world has always taken over.

But there is one new thing I want to try. I heard from a wise man that all people can use logic to justify anything. You see it all the time when two people can end up with completely different conclusions from the same information. It’s because emotion is an essential aspect of decision making. How you feel about something is actually the largest weight, the largest driver in decision making.

Think about the last time someone got on your nerves? How about the last time you just absolutely didn’t want to do something. You’d be able to come up with 100 reasons why you shouldn’t do it, and even if a few reasons for the contrary came up, you’d still dig in, and stick with your side. Even when you are wrong, swallowing pride is hard, and it doesn’t feel good. The only way to reduce the sting is to recognize that emotions play a huge part and decision making, and to try and change your drivers. Using logic instead of that will just cause you to rebutte, “But I still have a point.” And your decision won’t want to change, even against overwhelming evidence.

If decision making is driven primarily by emotion. That means changing how you feel about things will change your defaults. The don’t breaking the chain method works by playing on your need to stay perfect, to not mess up. To take it a step further, you can make sure you keep the having up, by making the chain a huge deal. If breaking the chain becomes a huge deal, you will try really hard to maintain it. You’ll make sure it happens. So set an emotional tie, and make it a big deal.

To change your habits, you need a real reason, something you look up to, something truly visceral, something worth fighting for. If you have that, you’ll be willing to completely change your environment, to change your day to day, and to live a different life.

Just as an example, think how drastically life can change when you have your own children, or if you need to take care of family.

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