Going Back to Basics

Over the years, I’ve written on a myriad of subjects.

The main being about:

  • how to form habits
  • motivation
  • hard work
  • how to become great at something
  • what it means to be better
  • how to deal with self doubt
  • who I am

And it’s about time that I combine all of those, and make something out of it. We all only get to take so many swings in life. And while we it’s prudent to watch the ball, and wait for your pitch to swing at. You can’t just stand there paralyzed. You have to swing. And this is me swinging…

This is who I want to be:

  • prolific
  • ambitious
  • a writer
  • a philosopher
  • not care what other people think

I’m not sure if it’s clear to all of you. But it is very clear to me. The most important thing I need to do is to write. It’s the keystone habit I need, to start seriously swing for the fences. And the reason for that is this: “I don’t know who I truly think, until I start writing about it.”

Writing will be my basis for change. And I’m going to start running with it.

So for this reason, I’ll be writing on three topics a day. And I will be producing at least one polished piece a week. This will be a month long challenge to myself. But just the beginning of something great.



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Jeffery Do

Jeffery Do


I blog about life, and becoming a little bit better every single day