Day 50

It’s so easy to become disorganized.

Your house is a mess. You aren’t sleeping. You are groggy in the morning. Hungry throughout the day. And you are tired all the time. No amount of sleep is enough. And no amount of relaxation is enough to recharge. Something is wrong. The cogs of life are gunked up.

I’m not sure about you. But Covid threw a huge wrench into my life. And the biggest difference wasn’t needing to stay at home all the time. It was making me take up new responsibilities in my household. …

Day 49

Everyone needs space to change. When you don’t have time, you go and do what works. You preserve what you can, do what you are able to, and go and get done what you can.

When you are in do or die mode, you don’t have the luxury of doing something that may or may not work. Instead, you must act, for better or worse, choosing what you believe is best in the moment.

But space, space is what is required to change for the better. That space could be a break. It could be a new perspective…

Day 48 (Writing Everyday)

We may get antsy if our progress is delayed. If we think we should be able to do something, but we are unable to do it, we are willing to beat our heads against a wall until we finish the problem with middling success.

Doing this can be seen as comendible. But the result is usually insanity. You spend so much time, doing something that gets you angry, doesn’t turn out right, and frustrates you an incredible amount. Often-times, the “juice just isn’t worth the squeeze”

In the long run, the important part is learning, not…

Day 47 (Writing Everyday)

If you want to keep your habits, make sure you do them. If you do them everyday, it’ll become an ingrained habit. You’ll work hard to maintain it. Not doing so won’t feel right. It’s better to phone it in and do it, than not do it.

With Love,


Day 46 (Writing Everyday)

Just as background, I’ve been an avid trader for almost a decade. I started pretty young, and even got 2nd place in my high-school stock trading project.

One thing to really watch out for is the use of margin. If you use a 10x leveraged play, you need less than a 10% drop in the underlying security to get liquidated. This is a big deal. A 10% drop can make you lose everything.

If you are able to get a decent winning streak, using margin on your highly confident bets is worth it. It is ESSENTIAL…

Day 45 (Writing Everyday)

I’ve been thinking about this quote:

The three big ones in life are wealth, health, and happiness. We pursue them in that order, but their importance is reverse.

from: The Almanac of Naval Ravikant

There is a lot of truth to this. People are so focused on their careers, they are willing to sacrifice some of their health for it. I’ve pulled long hours, done all nighters, ignored showering, going to the doctor, and leisure time to go and get some more work done. Oftentimes, people sacrifice their mental health for their work.

For example, many…

Day 44 (Writing Everyday)

In business, predictability and trust is essential. When a task needs to get done, it is essential that a timeline is given and followed. While it is great to be ambitious, it is actually disastrous if failed timelines push back even more timelines.

Appropriately planning items is a very difficult skill. But with the right amount of foresight, a bit of planning, better estimates can be made.

Showing what needs to be done. How long it will take. And smoothly reaching that goal is great if you are able to achieve it. We all wish we…

Day 43

What does someone do about tiredness? Work and tiredness. Do they go hand in hand? I will honestly say, it’s beena. while since I’ve been more tired of work. I feel like this sort if mental exhaustion is unwarranted. Something is sapping my energy. I need to figure out what it is.

Right now, it seems like no matter what the motivation is, I deflate. If I turn off my brain, and my emotions, I can churn out work.

I wonder what is it, that’s causing me to deflate? Because it’s affecting my life during, and after work.

I meed to fix this.

Day 42

One of the most important resources to manage is your mental energy. If you are out, there isn’t much you can do.

So manage it. Make sure to keep that energy up. Ensure that you use your limited energy on the important things. If you do that, you can keep making progress. If you are almost out of energy, take a break and recuperate.

Day 41 (Writing Everyday)

As a stock runs up, risk reward decreases. Make sure to appropriately scale out when risk increases. Do not lever in more as a stock runs. It’s generally a bad ideas as it ruins your risk/reward.

If you win big, get out. Increasing your lever after winning, is just asking for a win to turn into a loss.

Jeffery Do

I blog about life, and becoming a little bit better every single day

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